What is Investment Banking~And why is it HOT…..

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The other day, a doctor was asking me about investment banking and why is it so hot. He was rather perplexed about the sky-high digit salary figures doled out to MBA’s by top notch financial MNC’s. And so..I thought of penning down my thoughts and discussion with him for the benefit of those who would like to know the reasons for the lucrative remuneration of the blue-eyed I-Bankers..
Investment Banking are involved primarily in 2 main businesses : a) Mergers and Acquisitions and b) Merchant Banking
The MnA team advises companies on various aspects when the companies decide to expand and buy another company. The various aspects involved are strategic analysis of the deal, Screening, Due Diligence, Valuation, Structuring of the deal, Negotiation, various approvals, regulatory compliance etc. In essence the MnA team facilitates the process by bringing in expertise. The I-Bank earns a fee which is typically a percentage of the deal. So for eg: In the I-Gate – Patni deal which was about $1Billion, a percentage of the deal amount goes to the I-Bank…
Now here is the sweet part. Typically the team size is small and the bonuses earned are spread in this small team which makes the profile of an I-Banker extremely lucrative and ‘Hot’ ~ Since the team size is small, the hiring is small and hence getting into this profile is low.
The other area is Merchant Banking, which involves raising capital for the businesses. The Banker’s job is to figure out the best way to raise money, keeping into consideration market conditions, duration of requirement, urgency etc. For Eg: IPO or Initial Public Offering is a type of Issue Management which an I Banker would get involved
I Bankers are one of the most sought after professionals and their rewards multiply once they develop a reputation in the circle for their expertise ~ which makes them a HOT property.

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