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What are the 7 Practical and Powerful SIP Applications for Your Investment Journey & Salaried Employees !!

Speaker – Kapil Jain Investor / Founder – Enrichwise / IIM Gold Medallist / 20+ yrs Stock Market / Fin Svcs / Guitarist.. (Wannabe)

Kapil Jain (Director – Enrichwise Financial Services Pvt Ltd) was invited as a Distinguished Speaker on Financial Awareness for Employees of MESSER India on Jan 22. Messer Cutting Systems is the top CNC Plasma, Oxyfuel and Laser Cutting Machine manufacturers in India.

The following 7 Practical and Powerful Applications which a Simple SIP (Systematic Investment Plan ) all Salaried Employees should put to use in their financial journey and for Achieving financial Goals.

1. Pension with SIP+SWP

2. New interest-FREE home loan (How you can free up and regain interest over the tenure of NEW Home loan — Learn the math)

3. Existing home loan & wealth creation (How you can free up and regain interest over the tenure of existing loan — Learn the math)

4. Power of Top-up SIP (Understand the Leverage os a simple top up annual can create dramatic end results)

5. Discount on annual expenses (Would you like a Discount on your Annual Insurance Premiums / Education Fees , annual expenses etc)

6. Tax saving SIP (ELSS) – Why Tax Savings ELSS beats PPF in todays day and age of high inflation and low interest rates.

7. SIP for child’s future (Education / Marriage) *Enrichwise is Premium Subscriber of Anchoredge Branding – with Reusability of Material.


Original Concept of 7 SIP Applications is by Jigar Parekh of Anchoredge.
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*Systematic Investment is the way to neutralise risk in Investing in Long term

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