Top Performing Balanced Mutual Funds

Top Performing Balanced Mutual Funds, India, .
I was looking up for good Balanced Funds to help a friend and thought of putting this up for my own reference.
Balanced mutual funds invest in both equity and debt. Here is the list of some of the good – balanced mutual funds in India, based on the 5 year returns.
Balanced mutual funds are treated as equity funds for tax purposes when the fund allocates at least 65% into equities on an annual average fund amount.
There are various kinds of  Mutual funds for Investors to choose from. Balanced Mutual Funds is one category where there is a mix of Equities and Debt. These mutual funds take care of the asset allocation between equities and debt for the Investor.

Fund 5 Year Return (%) Inception Date Expense Ratio
HDFC Prudence 17.02 Jan-94 1.82%
HDFC Children’s Gift-Inv 12.08 Feb-01 2.10%
HDFC Balanced 13.7 Aug-00 2.15%
Reliance Regular Savings Balanced 16.06 May-05 2.22%
Birla Sun Life 95 15.54 Feb-95 2.33%
Canara Robeco Balance 11.57 Jan-93 2.39%
DSPBR Balanced 14.13 May-99 2.08%
Tata Balanced 12.75 Oct-95 2.50%
FT India Balanced 11.85 Dec-99 2.35%
Principal Conservative Growth 13.32 Aug-01 2.50%


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