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The Simple Math Behind Early Retirement!!!

Retirement Study found that while 76 percent of working age people in India expect a comfortable retired life, only 33 percent are actually putting aside money to fund that phase of life. But there is a solution to every question and how much should a person save for a better and early retirement

* 👌🏼 The Simple Math Behind Early Retirement *

👉Irrespective of Income , It turns out that when it boils right down to it, your time to reach early retirement depends on only one factor: “ Your Savings Rate”

👉*Your savings rate, as a % of your take-home pay = How much you take home each year (less) How much you can live on

👉Here are the broad savings rate % and working years required…
1. At 30% ~ 28 yrs
2. At 40% ~ 22 yrs
3. At 50% ~ 17 yrs
4. At 60% ~ 12 yrs
5. At 70% ~ 8.5 yrs
6. At 100% savings … 0 yrs .. meaning your expenses are run off without you working for it

1. Earn 5% investment returns after inflation during your saving years
2. Live off of the “4% safe withdrawal rate”
3. You want your ‘Corpus to last forever, you’ll only be touching the gains

So if you are waiting for the right time to start saving for retirement so the right is now …

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