Strategy: Evolution of its themes

Strategy, Management, Leadership, Evolution of its themes , MBA, Competitive advantage,500 BC: Chinese General Sun Tzu, from The Art of War:   “The highest form of victory is when the enemy gives up.”

The Civil War and thereafter: the first organizations.
The 50s and Post WW II: Financial control through operating budgets, discounted cash flow.
The 60s: The corporate planners; Diversification and synergy, “the future is knowable”
The 70s and 80s: The marketers and corporate positioning. Industry analysis & market segmentation in chaotic markets.  A new concept….being different.
The 90s: The global corporations. The search for competitive advantage. Evolution of strategic alliances.
Early 21st century:: The technologists. Leveraging disruptive technology. Managing uncertainty. 
Tomorrow: Winner take all?…. What are the winning strategies going forward??????

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