Sensory Branding ~ Visual Branding ~ Some of the top Brands

Sight ~ The most powerful and seductive sense. It can overrule other senses and override logic. “We see what we want to see”. (Eye of the Beholder)
Visual Branding is association of a brand with a color, shape, typography, logo, icon/symbol or look appearance.
Research indicates that shopper that shapes and colors influence shopper (consumer) behavior. The following pattern has been observed about Impulse buyers, Traditional shoppers and Budgetary shoppers:
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Obviously, successfully brands are engaging shoppers using visual experience. Here are some of the top notch brands which have successfully associated themselves with visual branding… 
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(L-R) – The Body Shop, Diesel, Ferrari, Mcdonalds, Toblerone, Vodafone, Benetton, Coca Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney
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