Procter & Gamble – Foundations of Branding leading to decades of success!!!

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Strategic Vision & Risk taking ability of P&G led to the companies’ dominance in the early decades.
The company was started amongst financial crisis with the founders focus on competing with the other manufactures of soap and candles.
Even during the impending civil war rumors in 1850’s, the founders went ahead and built a new plant. Needless to say in 1862, factories were running to full capacity during the civil war and P&G also earned the reputation of ‘Soldiers return home with P&G products’.
Innovation, technology and Strategic progressive thinking in marketing efforts and employees partnership programs led to the beginning of branding and positioning of the products and led the company in the decades leading to 20th century. Eg: Introduction of the Ivory soap as pure and a floating bar and subsequent nation wide large scale marketing efforts to promote the soap.
Employee partnership programs were initiated as a strategic response to the unrest.
By end of 19th century company had innovated 30 different type of soaps and launched full scale marketing efforts to fuel consumer demand.
Global Expansion, Growth of Product categories & Introduction of Brand Management System
The Global Management system was born out of a need for managing the multiple product categories and brands across many countries.
Under the brand management system, each brand manager was responsible for managing and competing with both external and internal brands.
This was breakthrough in branding and led to dominance and beginning of a system to be successfully followed in decades later.

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