Application of PAN card is a very easy process but the applicant must keep in mind certain guidelines. Failure to remember those will result in the failure of allotment of PAN card. They are as follows:

  • Details should the same as the one mentioned in the proof of address and proof of identity.
  • Proper and full details regarding the address and contact number should be given.
  • Form 49A or the application form should be filled in capital letters.
  • Any kind of over writing and rectifications are not entertained in the application form.
  • Only the initials of the applicant in the first name and last name columns should not be mentioned.
  • A fresh PAN card application is not supported if the old PAN card of the applicant is stolen, lost or disrupted.
  • If the applicant uses a thumb impression of either the Notary or the Magistrate, the application form will be immediately disqualified.