How Dick Fosbury~Inventor of Flop High Jump~Changed the Rules of the Game~Entrepreneurship

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How Dick Fosbury Changed the rules of the game and won the Olympic Championship in 1968, Mexico City….. Get Inspired…A lesson in risk taking for entrepreneurs raring to take on the existing systems and visualizing change, of persistence and of winning…
He began experimenting with alternative, unconventional methods of high jumping. The straddling approach was used by all the high jumpers at that time for the past 4 decades. He dared to take the risk and reject the approach.
He tweaked the old-fashioned scissor kick, eventually morphing it into a new and unique approach, which was eventually dubbed the “Fosbury Flop.”. His approach was scorned by the community. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.
Fosbury set an Olympic record at the 1968 Mexico City games, jumping 7 feet 4.25 inches, and the world had to take notice.
What a Champion Athlete… Truly an Inspiration…
“When you reach that elite level, 90 percent is mental and 10 percent is physical. You are competing against yourself. Not against the other athlete.” ~ Dick Fosbury, Champion Olympic High Jump Athlete ~ Inspirational Leadership Quotes

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