How advertising sells us a tradition

Diamonds, Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Management, Leadership, Pictures, Quotes, Positioning, Articles,Nicky Oppenheimer, De Beers chairman, Prior to 20th century, engagement rings were strictly luxury items, rarely contained diamonds. The industry nosedived in 1870s after massive diamond deposits discovery in South Africa. 
But in 1939, the De Beers diamond company changed all of that by hiring N.W. Ayer & Son. It Introduced diamond engagement ring and quietly spread the trend through fashion magazines. 
In 1948, “A Diamond is Forever” campaign was launched. By sentimentalizing the gems, De Beers ensured that people wouldn’t resell them. 
The company vigorously promoted the concept of surprise proposals “Will You Marry Me” as a tradition  thus shifting the purchasing power to men… Voila!!!!
This is what Nicky Oppenheimer, De Beers chairman, had to say about Diamonds
“Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill.”
Nicky Oppenheimer, De Beers chairman, 1999
It’s all in the mind…. Nah!!!!! Karma….Advertising…. Branding & Creating Traditions… Amazing.

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