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Leadership Quotes

Let your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more ! Set the pace for others. Leadership is in action more than the position.   To lead yourself, use your head but to lead others use your heart…   Be a leader… Go ahead & Find the leader within you <<Finance, Management, Investments […]

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The Managerial ~ Leadership Grid ~ What type of manager/leader are you?

The style of management in changing situations is influenced by various factors like organization’s culture, value system, personal history of the manager or chance or opportunity. The style of the manager, nevertheless, impacts the performance of various stakeholders associated with the organization including the manager himself.  What management style do you belong to?  Are you […]

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How Dick Fosbury~Inventor of Flop High Jump~Changed the Rules of the Game~Entrepreneurship

How Dick Fosbury Changed the rules of the game and won the Olympic Championship in 1968, Mexico City….. Get Inspired…A lesson in risk taking for entrepreneurs raring to take on the existing systems and visualizing change, of persistence and of winning… He began experimenting with alternative, unconventional methods of high jumping. The straddling approach was […]

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Innovation Success ~ Wow list ~ Firms that have created sustainable value creation

Business Model Innovation Success ~ Wow list ~ Firms that have created sustainable value creation   These firms have consistently followed these Twin Objectives in order to create and sustain value over a long period of time: – Keeping current business model fresh and innovative —- Systematically search for breakthrough new innovation opportunities  — Going beyond […]

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