Brand Protection: Evaluate Customer Product/Service Complaints : Impact and Impressions

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“Your entire company should be considered your branding department”
Service – Customer Service – One of the most important touchpoint. But quite often, neglected by many organizations around the world. One attribute is measuring the consumer complaints. Remember “What gets measured get managed and what gets managed gets done”
Here is a mechanism, a company can use to predict the impact/reach  or impressions a customer complaint can potentially create.
The calculations some fair assumptions to make the calculations :
Assume, only 1 of 25 customers make the actual complaint against the product or service. Remaining 24 dissatisfied remain silent due to any reason (not bothered, lack of time etc.)
Assume, each dissatisfied customer speaks bad about the companies products/services to (8 – 16) people, let’s average that to 12 people.
Now, if you receive 1000 complaints in a month, let us calculate the potential bad impressions the complaints can have on the product/services & ultimately the brand

1. Received 1000 complaints / month (by letters/phone/email etc)
2. Translates to (1000 x 12) x 25 = 3,00,000 nos of dissatisfied customers annually
3. Which is 3,00,000 x 12 (Word of Mouth) = 36,00,000 nos of bad impressions …. Wow!!!!

In today’s world of ‘Free Economy’ where products are literally marketed as services and experience, a lack of insight into the customer services/experience is spelling disaster (in capital letters, repeated twice, with a dramatic pause in between) for the brand….!!!!

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