Brand Position & Brand Image

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What’s a BRAND
A singular idea or a concept that you own inside the mind of the prospect ~ Al Ries ~ Marketing Strategist
“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not there”
~ Jeff Bezos – Amazon
Remarkable experiences leave a mark, whether the experience is remarkably good or remarkably bad. These memories are mind share, essentially brand equity, the capital of brands
A cardinal rule in marketing :
“NEVER position a BRAND based on performance….” 
 So what exactly is Brand Positioning, Brand Image and Brand Position and the relationship between them…
 Let us see…..
Brand Positioning: Brand Positioning is the SPACE that the company occupies in the consumer’s MIND.
Brand Position: Company spends money to own this SPACE…
Brand Image: This is what the customers say about the company
Successful Brands are the one’s where there is a  match the Brand IMAGE & Brand POSITIONING….. which creates a Brand Experience….
Someone has rightly said ” If you are not a Brand… you are a commodity … where price is everything and low cost is the winner”
One way to Protect Brand by focussing on customer service here

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