Amazon enters India via

OK, so news is that Amazon has moved to India with Amazon had actually already had acquired Junglee in 1998 for $140 million.
Now amazon is one of the most successful internet companies out there. This move is being viewed and noticed, because Indian e-commerce market is in a nascent stage and has the potential of $400+Billion market. So the Pie is huge. And it will only get larger.

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But for Junglee to rule the Jungle …. Well… I think that this might take some time. First looks of is pathetic. It says beta… But coming from amazon you would expect more. You do not feel like browsing beyond the first page.
Personally I have used and and I would say that these two are amongst the best e-commerce sites in India at present. they have excellent service levels. Provide Cash on delivery.. (which really works in India)…
Now, itself will not sell the products. Instead it will redirect to other online and offline vendors. OK…Big promises… but what about returns, customer care , service levels and product quality. Are you interested only in your sales commission by trying to rope in as many vendors as possible and take the market from thereon….. It ain’t gonna be so easy.
For me it is a wait and watch… and oh by the way.. I have to rush to the current e-commerce sites to search for my fav book…. till then good luck Junglee…

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