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If you are looking for quality advice encompassing Tax, Investments and Financial planning — look no further —  Welcome to EnrichWise !!!! , a comprehensive financial planning advisory services firm , headed by Mr RK Jain (Ex-Banker , CA) & Mr Kapil Jain (MBA Finance, IIM – Gold Medallist)

Retire Rich – Investment Philosophy

Enrichwise – Journey Based Planning (JBP) towards #Retirement
1 yr – 3 yr – 5 yr Formula
a. (1 year -Liquid/Debt Emergency funds , 3 yr MF , 5 yr – Stocks)
b. Needs – Money – Market align to 1-3 5 yrs
c, Review/ rebalance based on Needs/ Markets- every 6 months – (1-3-5 formula)

Kapil Jain’s 6 point formula for #RetireRich
1. Get a Pure Term Insurance Plan (8-10 times your Net Annual income) — & a Big NO to all other Crappy Traditional Insurance Policies.
2. Invest Minimum 20-25% of your Net Monthly Income in Growth (MF / Stocks) . Otherwise Monster of Inflation will eat away your FD Corpus.
3. Say No to Stock Market Trading / Speculation
4. First , Build a Core Corpus of about 4 times your annual Income. It’s a portfolio Mix of Debt MF + Equity MF + Blue Chip Stocks
5. Do Not let your Home Loan EMI’s go above 30% of your Income…(Avoid Multiple properties)
6. Do Asset Allocation – Periodically Review / Rebalance as per your Needs / Market Conditions.
— Review based on Needs Money Markets

Associate with us and experience the beauty of Quality advice….

Enrichwise brings on board Experienced and Qualified Professionals. We work with your interest in our mind. We work to increase the probability of optimising your wealth creation journey and comprehensive tax planning for you with focus on your financial goals and life profile.

Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. Any Speed of wind will not help.

Everyone of us have a busy life out here. Money plays a important part in one’s life. You work hard to earn the money. You trade time to do so. Money fulfills present needs and wants. And then prudent money management is to be done to take care of future needs and wants. You want simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. You want to clear the clutter so that you can focus on what’s important, what’s meaningful, find happiness. Simple, but not easy.

There is a huge financial services industry with tons of financial products with their own vested interest – out there to cater to our financial needs. Due to lack of awareness, most of us are clueless navigating through the abundance of information around us. There are no universal one-size-fits-all solutions… yet there is no shortage of sources providing them. The only prudent source of answers is yourself.

For this reason, financial questions, pursuits, and planning must begin with self-knowledge… so that we do not regret in life at a later stage…… to look back and then say…… If only, I would have done this…….

This philosophy and mission of Enrichwise is therefore to create awareness about the better things in life , management & finance in general so as enable you to shape your goals.

Provide quality advisory services so that the by and large the direction is clear and the journey can be planned in the best possible manner to help make prudent decisions.

Strive towards providing services with a focus on achieving financial freedom in order to continually improve the balance between life and finance towards simplicity, healthy, happy, goal fulfilling, and so throughout enjoying the process and living the present moments.

Just as parenting comes naturally, from within, emotionally —– in the same way many treat their finances, investing, and financial planning emotionally — which unfortunately turns out to be expensive, insufficient and inefficient . Unfortunately, there is no money management or personal finance courses in our education system.

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Enrich Wise has come quite easily and it essentially created itself. Just a few years ago, Kapil had no plans of starting his own business . And when he did, he looked around for gaining knowledge in this field and truly gained some amazing knowledge and insight in the world of finance, business and management.

We welcome you to associate with us  and our financial experts and professionals  and experience the beauty of quality advise !!!!

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